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Oralia Diaz


Oralia Diaz, Founder You Roll Girl Inc

Oralia Diaz is the founder of You Roll Girl Inc., a non-profit organization established in 2015 to address the gap in social programs tailored to the disabled community. You Roll Girl is focused on providing mentoring, job skills, social networking, and empowerment to individuals with disabilities. The organization has grown to become a vital community network, not only for women in Houston and the surrounding areas but also for people across the United States and beyond through virtual sessions.

Oralia's personal experience with polio as a young child has given her a profound understanding of the daily challenges and obstacles faced by the disabled community. Her firsthand knowledge and empathy drive her to help others in similar circumstances reach their goals.

Throughout her career, Oralia has held various leadership positions, demonstrating her commitment to supporting others. While working with a leading communications company, she actively promoted peer mentoring, training programs, and activities/fundraising initiatives. She also successfully led an answering service for seven years. Currently, Oralia is the owner and operator of a thriving tax practice. As a business
owner, she has seized the opportunity to employ individuals with learning and physical impairments, providing them with valuable job opportunities.

Oralia's dedication to the disabled community is further demonstrated by her sponsorship of a Jobs and Entrepreneurship Workshop, which aims to provide resources and guidance to individuals with disabilities who aspire to start their own businesses. Additionally, You Roll Girl Inc. awards a $500 entrepreneurial stipend to members of the organization, supporting them in launching small businesses.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Oralia enjoys spending quality time with her five grandchildren. She actively participates in wheelchair tennis, a sport that brings her joy and allows her to engage in physical activity and has a passion for attending Tejano and pop concerts, supporting the Houston Rockets, and exploring new travel destinations. Oralia Diaz's commitment to empowering the disabled community through You Roll Girl Inc., her personal experiences, and her involvement in various initiatives make her an inspiring advocate and a valuable resource for individuals with disabilities, not only in Houston, Texas, but across the United States and beyond.

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